Dr. Tausz graduated with a Bachelor​  of  Sciences from Cornell University in 1971 and from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University in 1975. Since that time Alan has worked exclusively with companion animals in both multi-veterinarian and small practices, establishing this practice in 1978. Always endeavoring to stay abreast of recent advances in veterinary science, he maintains his conviction that the practice of medicine is as much an art as it is a science, and places a high priority on a personal understanding of the patient as a whole being. A special interest is the improvement of care in the geriatric pet, enabling the older animal to live with comfort and dignity . An enthusiastic (but regrettably retired) "noontime" basketball player, his love of all sports is seen locally in his long time boostership of Cornell hockey, but he is truly an avid fan of many other sports as well.

Alan Tausz DVM

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​Joanne Tausz

​Tiffany Bernhardt


Tiffany Bernhardt graduated from Cornell University in 2008. Since 2009, she has become the "brawn" at Fountain House​ often called upon to help with large sized dogs but able to provide a calming atmosphere for fearful pets as well. Although she is a "Jane-of-all-trades", her main roll is care to all animals- medical and emotional comfort. Outside of Fountain House, she is an avid ice skater even skating during summer months. When she's not skating at one of the local rinks, she can be found supporting Cornell Hockey and Lacrosse (collegiately and professionally) on any given game night, watching British TV and film, or traveling through Canada. She is also an adventure seeker; she successfully completed  the Edge Walk in Toronto 3 times and bungee jumped 4 times.

​Joanne Tausz graduated in 1972 from Cornell University. She worked with animals since 1977;  her role at Fountain House​ has become more managerial and reception based-- with a special responsibility to patient moral support-- although she pinch-hits in a multitude of areas. Joanne's love of her pets is  followed by inveterate mystery reading, cooking,yoga, and travel planning. (Her enthusiasm for these interests can lead to an energetic exchange of ideas at the desk!) Although her personal "sport" is walking, in any and all weathers, she too has supported Cornell hockey since her college days.